2009/01/11 2


kojikoji(21:10:58): can i taik to you
letty(21:11:24): sure
kojikoji(21:11:34): thank you
kojikoji(21:12:07): i said to you ,i have girlfriend
letty(21:12:20): yes
kojikoji(21:12:44): and she live in japan
letty(21:12:46): is not true you have girlfriend
kojikoji(21:14:28): It may be unrequited love
letty(21:15:05): what do you mean?
kojikoji(21:15:38): False love,i dont understand
kojikoji(21:16:37): I am troubled
letty(21:17:01): are you attracted to her
kojikoji(21:18:14): yes.......I suffer every day
letty(21:18:40): suffer for what
kojikoji(21:21:39): about she is really loving me or not
letty(21:22:10): what do you think?
kojikoji(21:23:49): i said to want to marry to her of course was divorced
letty(21:26:45): hindi kita naiintindihan
letty(21:27:00): what are you trying to tell me


kojikoji(21:28:26): about what .....i dont know
letty(21:29:20): the meaning of that
letty(21:29:25): i didnt get it
kojikoji(21:33:29): ano?what happen,I come to can not believe her
letty(21:34:03): ic
letty(21:34:10): what do you want me to do now
kojikoji(21:36:40): sorry so sorry,i want to hear only my trouble,nothing to do
kojikoji(21:37:20): i want to hear your voice
letty(21:38:18): i will buy headset tomorrow but im not sure if my computer can accept calls
letty(21:38:34): you can call me in my cellphone anytime


kojikoji(21:40:01): ok i will call you at your cellphone,thanks letty
letty(21:40:37): my pressure you are still my friend
letty(21:40:49): anytime you can reach me
kojikoji(21:42:14): i think so that i need rest time,unmoment
letty(21:42:45): why not try to relax
letty(21:43:24): and forget having a woman for a moment so you can realize what really you want in your life
kojikoji(21:43:40): ok i want hear your voice,it's most relax
letty(21:44:00): ohh yeah
letty(21:44:06): wow thanks
letty(21:44:30): your such a sweet person
kojikoji(21:45:02): I am a weak man.
kojikoji(21:46:04): You are a strong woman.di ba
letty(21:46:51): very strong


letty(21:47:05): specially when i have a man
letty(21:47:27): that man i get my strenth
letty(21:47:34): strength
kojikoji(21:49:18): wow,he will be happy
letty(21:50:28): yeah and i do my best to be proud of me
kojikoji(21:51:57): yes,i think so ,It has been understood somehow.
letty(21:52:50): how your girlfriend come there
letty(21:53:11): i really want to go to japan
kojikoji(21:54:22): she mrried japanese man,8years ago
letty(21:54:39): ohh ic
letty(21:54:47): they have children?
kojikoji(21:55:49): yes,a children,boy
kojikoji(21:56:09): 6years old
letty(21:57:24): so she is not divorced yet
letty(22:01:27): hello
letty(22:01:31): ok i got to go now
letty(22:01:36): be right back
letty(22:01:39): need shower
kojikoji(22:01:41): opk lang
letty(22:01:44): take care
kojikoji(22:01:53): ingaz