2008/11/04 その4

2008/11/04 4


lilibeth(23:11:08): bohol have chocolates hills
lilibeth(23:11:18): its famous in the whole worls
lilibeth(23:11:32): one of tourist attraction of pilippines
lilibeth(23:11:46): one of 7 wonderful islands
lilibeth(23:12:02): you dont hear it ?
kojikoji(23:12:14): chocolate hill,oh,i c,no
lilibeth(23:12:16): nice beaches white sand too
lilibeth(23:12:21): yea
kojikoji(23:12:24): wow
lilibeth(23:12:33): yea
kojikoji(23:13:11): nice beach ka
lilibeth(23:13:12): are you sure not6 yet come ?
kojikoji(23:13:31): yes,never
lilibeth(23:13:32): and you can have lunch in the lake
lilibeth(23:13:32): while riding in the big boat
lilibeth(23:13:32): opo
lilibeth(23:13:32): talaga
lilibeth(23:13:46): thres resort cost 50 thousand pesos a day
lilibeth(23:13:58): so expensive
lilibeth(23:14:08): but thres also cheap too
kojikoji(23:14:36): 50000peso is 100000jpy,wow mahal!!
lilibeth(23:14:55): yes i hear it
lilibeth(23:15:02): but not all of that
lilibeth(23:15:17): thats for rich peopel only i think that cost
lilibeth(23:15:34): they have also 5000 to 7000 per night
lilibeth(23:15:43): and also 3000
kojikoji(23:15:50): i hope so,its too much expensive
lilibeth(23:15:56): it depends the room
lilibeth(23:16:14): maybe those price is for special only
lilibeth(23:16:24): but no people so much can afford
lilibeth(23:16:43): only 3000 up to 7000 peos only per night
lilibeth(23:17:00): but went bohol yesterday
lilibeth(23:17:06): with my cousin and kid
lilibeth(23:17:24): we rent only 1 room together and pay 5000 pesos pnly
lilibeth(23:17:27): he..he./
lilibeth(23:17:32): nice ok lang
lilibeth(23:17:39): coz 6 all in all
kojikoji(23:17:39): ah i c
kojikoji(23:18:02): vacation ka
lilibeth(23:18:06): 1 night we stay only
lilibeth(23:18:19): yes just 1 night only we went thre
kojikoji(23:18:29): one night only?oh i c
lilibeth(23:18:33): yes
lilibeth(23:18:39): coz we are many
lilibeth(23:18:50): you know expensive for me already
kojikoji(23:19:15): i know it,and understood
lilibeth(23:19:18): i pay all of us
lilibeth(23:19:45): so we just arrived this afternoon
lilibeth(23:19:58): we eat seafood thre
lilibeth(23:20:08): and went a little tour
kojikoji(23:20:09): oh really,just arrived
lilibeth(23:20:11): he,he..
lilibeth(23:20:16): yes
lilibeth(23:20:17): rea;lly
kojikoji(23:20:19): hehe ka dyan
lilibeth(23:20:30): so now i know bohol
lilibeth(23:20:40): if you come i can guide you already
lilibeth(23:21:28): next time i want go bantayan island
lilibeth(23:21:36): its north side in cebu
lilibeth(23:21:48): cheap and nice place too i hear
lilibeth(23:21:54): with many shells
kojikoji(23:22:14): ok,pls guide me,pls teach me about philippines
lilibeth(23:22:23): ]ah ok sure
lilibeth(23:22:27): i will
lilibeth(23:22:40): i will go first
lilibeth(23:22:50): so if you coem i will know the place already
lilibeth(23:22:53): he..he..
lilibeth(23:23:07): so easy for you to guide then
kojikoji(23:24:04): ok,lilibeth i have go to bed
lilibeth(23:24:15): ok bye now kojikoji
lilibeth(23:24:26): thanks so much
kojikoji(23:24:51): ok goodnight,thank you for chat with me
lilibeth(23:25:06): ok thanks too
lilibeth(23:25:11): my pasa load ha
lilibeth(23:25:16): he..he.. pls
kojikoji(23:25:38): i know,
lilibeth(23:25:55): thanks so much and goodnight
kojikoji(23:26:07): ok ingatz
llilibeth(23:26:20): good luck and take care