2008/11/04 その3

2008/11/04 3

lilibeth(22:55:35): i thought im your best friend
lilibeth(22:55:51): so you can share to me too your doubths and problems
kojikoji(22:55:56): yes
lilibeth(22:55:58): i can be your consultant
lilibeth(22:56:05): he..he.. adviser
kojikoji(22:56:32): oh i c,pls
lilibeth(22:56:47): well forget it
lilibeth(22:57:00): your mind will not be with me on that question
lilibeth(22:57:11): i want your mind with me now
lilibeth(22:57:13): he.he.
kojikoji(22:57:13): pls advice to my ploblem
lilibeth(22:57:18): what
lilibeth(22:57:21): ok
lilibeth(22:57:28): then nothing to do
lilibeth(22:57:31): then go on
lilibeth(22:57:37): ill hear for you
kojikoji(22:57:58): i want marry to philippina
lilibeth(22:58:10): really ?
kojikoji(22:58:13): how i can do
lilibeth(22:58:14): are you sure ?
lilibeth(22:58:29): you court her first
kojikoji(22:58:36): yes syemple
lilibeth(22:58:37): and court her family too
lilibeth(22:58:58): so we have same problem
lilibeth(22:59:05): wants to marry too
kojikoji(22:59:13): family?same ploblema?
lilibeth(22:59:22): no
kojikoji(22:59:27): ah i know.......hehehe
lilibeth(22:59:31): i mean me too wants to marry
lilibeth(22:59:51): but we are friends
lilibeth(23:00:14): then we can share what is in our mind
kojikoji(23:00:23): yes,now we are friend,just friend
lilibeth(23:00:41): yes cozwe are not meet yet
lilibeth(23:00:54): who knows we are more like when we meet in person
lilibeth(23:01:08): but now just frined here
kojikoji(23:01:13): yes not meet yet,ok i understand
lilibeth(23:01:33): but at least we know what our wants in life
lilibeth(23:01:47): we are same purpose
lilibeth(23:01:53): to marry oneday
kojikoji(23:01:58): yes i know ,you know
lilibeth(23:02:19): yes
lilibeth(23:02:44): but now at least here we are
lilibeth(23:02:47): just work for it
lilibeth(23:02:56): and have more knowing each other
lilibeth(23:03:21): i wish you can come on your birthday
kojikoji(23:03:24): yes i think so,do for it
lilibeth(23:03:36): yea
lilibeth(23:03:49): constant communication is a must
kojikoji(23:04:10): yes that's right
lilibeth(23:04:16): so we can have more connection in mind and heart
kojikoji(23:04:25): keep communication
lilibeth(23:04:27): then we can know more each other right
lilibeth(23:04:30): yes
lilibeth(23:04:39): but problem your busy sometimes
lilibeth(23:04:42): but its ok
lilibeth(23:04:51): i trust in you to come here oneday
kojikoji(23:04:51): ok,oh yes
lilibeth(23:05:07): anyway we know both our mobile no.
lilibeth(23:05:21): but now your my dear friend
kojikoji(23:05:22): now i burning DVD
lilibeth(23:05:26): ic
kojikoji(23:05:41): oh thanks,im happy
lilibeth(23:05:52): my daughter asking now about her wants to you
lilibeth(23:06:07): so you have many tapes now dvd
lilibeth(23:07:03): arashi
kojikoji(23:07:04): yes,many tape and stock tv caption proglam
kojikoji(23:07:29): oh ARASHI i forgot,sorry
lilibeth(23:07:34): yea
lilibeth(23:07:39): its ok cd
kojikoji(23:07:46): ok lang
lilibeth(23:08:04): we dont have dvd
lilibeth(23:08:07): just c.d
kojikoji(23:08:23): ok i understand
lilibeth(23:08:52): thansk my daughter say
lilibeth(23:09:05): arashi is her favorate too
kojikoji(23:09:14): ok i prepare CD
lilibeth(23:09:22): wow really
lilibeth(23:09:41): and its up to you if you will send cd tape of movie too
lilibeth(23:09:47): i will appreaciate it
lilibeth(23:09:54): and be thanksful
lilibeth(23:10:01): kojikoji
lilibeth(23:10:07): have you been bohol?
lilibeth(23:10:42): its nice thre the chocolate hills
kojikoji(23:10:48): ok,ano?bohol?i've never been visit philippines
lilibeth(23:10:56): really ?
lilibeth(23:10:58): ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
kojikoji(23:11:01): yes