2008/11/04 その2

2008/11/04 2

kojikoji(22:40:09): oh your side face so beautiful
lilibeth(22:40:16): thanks
lilibeth(22:40:35): do you wnat me to face side face only
kojikoji(22:40:41): its so good
kojikoji(22:40:53): no!!!!!
lilibeth(22:40:58): he..he..
kojikoji(22:41:08): hehehe ka dyan
lilibeth(22:41:15): i thought you like better my side face
lilibeth(22:41:36): kojikoji
lilibeth(22:41:51): my december is coming and next january
kojikoji(22:41:53): unnn....ah......every angle i like
lilibeth(22:41:59): my birthday is comeing na
lilibeth(22:42:02): ill be 41
lilibeth(22:42:09): ic
lilibeth(22:42:13): he..he.. thanks
kojikoji(22:42:36): 41years old?more young i think so
lilibeth(22:42:43): i wish my luck will come soon
lilibeth(22:44:05): no im not young
lilibeth(22:44:11): im old alaready
lilibeth(22:44:38): am i young as you think of?
kojikoji(22:44:50): no i dont think so
lilibeth(22:44:55): well im young in mind
lilibeth(22:45:01): see
lilibeth(22:45:08): so im old already
kojikoji(22:45:11): yes!!!!!!!!!
lilibeth(22:45:24): ill be 50 soon
lilibeth(22:45:39): i will cry na if thats come to me
lilibeth(22:45:49): and stiull single
lilibeth(22:45:55): maybe no more hope na talaga
lilibeth(22:45:58): he..he..


kojikoji(22:46:10): ok lang,ha ano?ah kawawa na
lilibeth(22:46:26): he,,he..he.. talaga
lilibeth(22:46:30): kawawa
lilibeth(22:46:49): pero ok lang po
lilibeth(22:46:53): you are here
kojikoji(22:46:56): me to im 50 di ba,still single
lilibeth(22:47:01): as long youll here for me
lilibeth(22:47:17): i will not loss hope and happiniss
lilibeth(22:47:34): coz i have you that i can talk too diba


kojikoji(22:47:47): yes that's right
lilibeth(22:48:04): we can be best of friends then
lilibeth(22:48:15): so we cant be lonely
kojikoji(22:48:28): lilibeth wa kawaii desu,sugoku kirei desu
lilibeth(22:48:37): like now i can talk what i have in my moind
lilibeth(22:48:39): mind
kojikoji(22:48:50): understand?
lilibeth(22:48:50): and share my stress in heart if i have
lilibeth(22:49:04): so all will release if i can talk to you
lilibeth(22:49:16): so thats all
lilibeth(22:49:26): then if i dont have bra you will send me
lilibeth(22:49:29): he..he..


kojikoji(22:49:39): ah thanks
lilibeth(22:49:43): so even for that simple trhings i can be happy na
kojikoji(22:49:57): a lot of thanks
lilibeth(22:50:07): i want to send you something too
lilibeth(22:50:11): what you want
lilibeth(22:50:16): tell me
kojikoji(22:50:22): ah......kiss
lilibeth(22:50:29): only ?
lilibeth(22:50:33): he,,he. ok
lilibeth(22:50:38): just flying kiss
kojikoji(22:50:40): ah.........smile
lilibeth(22:50:45): ic
lilibeth(22:50:52): like that ?
lilibeth(22:51:15): he..he..
lilibeth(22:51:20): im just so fresh today
lilibeth(22:51:28): coz i dont have menstration anymore
kojikoji(22:51:31): yes smile is become happy
lilibeth(22:51:36): so my face so much good to see
lilibeth(22:51:47): yea
lilibeth(22:51:56): so much happy here now i meet you again
lilibeth(22:52:10): imagine you will give me pasaload again
lilibeth(22:52:23): so im really happy
kojikoji(22:52:41): and i just looking your face,and i want show your kilikili ka
lilibeth(22:52:49): he..he..
lilibeth(22:52:56): i was not able to clean pa
lilibeth(22:52:58): he..he..
lilibeth(22:53:04): have small hair
kojikoji(22:53:09): oh sorry ok lang
lilibeth(22:53:37): ic
lilibeth(22:54:07): yes tomorrow ill check it so you can see it again
lilibeth(22:54:10): he..he..
lilibeth(22:54:30): well anyway how is your days
lilibeth(22:54:37): have you fine gf here already
lilibeth(22:54:49): how is your gf in japan


kojikoji(22:55:18): ah....its a difficut question
lilibeth(22:55:24): ic
lilibeth(22:55:26): sorry
kojikoji(22:55:35): ok lang