2008/11/04 その1

2008/11/04 1

lilibeth(22:18:19): hello
lilibeth(22:18:25): goodevening
lilibeth(22:18:30): kojikoji
kojikoji(22:20:01): Hi how are you
lilibeth(22:20:39): im fine
lilibeth(22:20:48): but always longing to meet you here
kojikoji(22:20:52): its good
kojikoji(22:21:06): yes
lilibeth(22:21:07): im just online for long days was not able
kojikoji(22:21:40): i c
lilibeth(22:24:00): cam pls
lilibeth(22:28:30): wow
lilibeth(22:28:35): thanks
lilibeth(22:28:52): so happuy to see you again
kojikoji(22:29:08): hi
lilibeth(22:29:12): hoiw are you na kojikoji
kojikoji(22:29:22): wow maganda na
lilibeth(22:29:26): im so very happy fopr long time we dont see here
lilibeth(22:29:37): doko eta
kojikoji(22:29:55): doko itta?
lilibeth(22:29:57): my cousin know how to speak japanese little
kojikoji(22:30:03): ah i c
lilibeth(22:30:04): she teaching me
lilibeth(22:30:11): as you see her in the back
kojikoji(22:30:12): oh its good
kojikoji(22:30:29): hi
lilibeth(22:31:07): only little
kojikoji(22:31:11): why your cousin speak japanese
kojikoji(22:31:21): i c
lilibeth(22:31:27): coz she went japan before when she was young


kojikoji(22:31:35): i c
lilibeth(22:31:45): working
kojikoji(22:32:09): i just worry about your under wear
lilibeth(22:32:16): so where have you been always
lilibeth(22:32:25): i dont see you if sometimes im online
lilibeth(22:32:31): well its ok
lilibeth(22:32:34): thanks so much
lilibeth(22:32:40): ii wear it already
lilibeth(22:32:43): he..he..
kojikoji(22:32:54): ah i c
lilibeth(22:33:02): of course i was so excited
lilibeth(22:33:07): to wear it
lilibeth(22:33:21): my friend asking me to have it
lilibeth(22:33:32): but i say no
lilibeth(22:33:35): its for me
kojikoji(22:33:44): oh ok lang?
lilibeth(22:33:45): from monday to fridays
lilibeth(22:33:46): he..he..
kojikoji(22:33:56): everyday?
lilibeth(22:34:05): no im not ok to give other what you give to me
lilibeth(22:34:08): yes
lilibeth(22:34:18): but sometimes not everyday
lilibeth(22:34:38): my daughter get jealous to me
lilibeth(22:34:41): he,,he..
lilibeth(22:34:50): but we have different size
kojikoji(22:35:03): ah i cant send pasaload,oh
lilibeth(22:35:09): yes
lilibeth(22:35:15): he.he. my pasa load
lilibeth(22:35:29): its ok ill just wait it
kojikoji(22:35:41): pis wait a moment
lilibeth(22:36:00): hey do you celebrate christmmas
lilibeth(22:36:03): its ok
kojikoji(22:36:05): i worry about size of bra
lilibeth(22:36:13): ]no its ok
lilibeth(22:36:17): perfect
kojikoji(22:36:22): ok ka dyan
lilibeth(22:36:25): but i wish it have foam
kojikoji(22:36:35): perfect ka dyan
lilibeth(22:36:39): so i look big boobs if have foam
lilibeth(22:36:44): or pudding
lilibeth(22:36:47): he..he..
kojikoji(22:36:58): yes 2size up di ba
lilibeth(22:37:01): oo perfect talaga
lilibeth(22:37:05): ang ganda
lilibeth(22:37:09): yes
kojikoji(22:37:16): wow
lilibeth(22:37:19): at least if ill be more mataba
lilibeth(22:37:22): its still ok
kojikoji(22:37:33): ha!
lilibeth(22:37:36): coz 2 size diba
lilibeth(22:37:37): he,,he..
kojikoji(22:37:41): mataba?
lilibeth(22:37:50): if
lilibeth(22:37:58): so all size will be ok too
kojikoji(22:38:16): ano?all size?
lilibeth(22:38:23): i think you finish shower coz you look so handsome now
lilibeth(22:38:33): yes all size is perfect
lilibeth(22:38:43): ok no problem
kojikoji(22:38:46): are you drunk?
lilibeth(22:38:51): no
kojikoji(22:38:58): no ka dyan
lilibeth(22:39:01): drunk ka dyan
lilibeth(22:39:08): i dont drink
lilibeth(22:39:11): only water
kojikoji(22:39:30): ok i understand