2008/10/02 2

2008/10/02 2


letty(23:28:35): got it
kojikoji(23:29:46): ah....not recive yet all data,is this your picture?
letty(23:29:48): did you get my pic?
letty(23:30:00): yup
letty(23:30:12): do you thinks its not me
letty(23:30:22): im proud of myself
kojikoji(23:31:06): wow The man does not leave it,why not you?
kojikoji(23:32:21): I understand that I say that it is not a body well
letty(23:32:53): i cant understand what are you trying to tell me
kojikoji(23:32:53): I understand that I say that a heart is important
letty(23:34:25): yes thats true
kojikoji(23:35:31): I think about whether I cannot sell a thing unlike the cosmetics
letty(23:35:58): what do you mean
kojikoji(23:36:57): For example, it is the operation system of the computer
kojikoji(23:37:07): Windows XP
letty(23:37:20): i dont know about computer
letty(23:37:31): anyway how are you
kojikoji(23:37:49): ok lang,for example
letty(23:38:05): ok
kojikoji(23:38:56): I can obtain an installation disk for 1,300 pesos
kojikoji(23:39:32): When it buys it in the Philippines, how much is it?
letty(23:39:58): i dont have an idea
kojikoji(23:40:33): ah....its ok
letty(23:41:04): i want to go to Japan
letty(23:41:09): can you help me
kojikoji(23:42:34): ah...i said to you,I explained it to you before
letty(23:43:03): you cant?
kojikoji(23:43:19): It is difficult to invite you as a friend
letty(23:43:35): why ?
letty(23:43:52): why some of my friends can invite then you cant


kojikoji(23:44:51): However, I think that I am possible. If there is not a reason, I cannot do it.
kojikoji(23:45:46): When you invited it as a friend, you do not get that you work
letty(23:46:25): of course
letty(23:46:30): just want to see japan


kojikoji(23:46:31): ok
letty(23:46:41): but you treat me i dont have enough money lols
kojikoji(23:47:24): It is a purpose called the sightseeing
letty(23:48:28): yes
kojikoji(23:49:12): ok,how to get money,i treat you?
letty(23:49:32): you cant treat me
kojikoji(23:50:24): I do not understand what I may answer with now
letty(23:51:04): anyway please compute the debt ok
kojikoji(23:53:16): ok.........i want your photo IMG_2922 is not reach....hehehe
letty(23:53:51): huh?
kojikoji(23:54:07): wow plz send,XXX@yahoo.com
letty(23:55:03): i dont know how
letty(23:55:17): didnt save when i photo share with you?
kojikoji(23:56:14): yes not reached,all data
letty(23:56:49): ohh
kojikoji(23:58:41): compose and attach files,you can do that?
letty(23:58:58): ok hold i try


kojikoji(0:02:50): ok,letty i want go to bed,just 0:00 in japan
letty(0:03:16): ok im trying to send you the pic
letty(0:03:38): good night
letty(0:03:41): sweet dreams
kojikoji(0:03:42): In addition, will you communicate?
letty(0:03:59): what do you mean?
kojikoji(0:04:25): can you keep in touch me?
letty(0:04:43): as long as you consider me as your friend
letty(0:04:57): please compute my debt


kojikoji(0:05:26): thank you letty,im very happy,malaming salamat
letty(0:05:53): im glad that we have a chance to chat again
letty(0:06:59): open your mail
kojikoji(0:07:20): yes its leads about the god?
letty(0:08:42): did you get my pic
kojikoji(0:09:08): i got your pic,wow letty you so.......
letty(0:09:20): thanks
kojikoji(0:09:49): thanks too......i cant sleep maybe
letty(0:09:59): why?
kojikoji(0:10:48): because i .......see your pic.....di ba
letty(0:10:59): huh?
letty(0:11:10): you should sleep because you see my pic
kojikoji(0:11:25): ok lang,i c
kojikoji(0:11:38): so....good night,letty
letty(0:11:53): good night
letty(0:11:57): sweet dreams
kojikoji(0:11:58): really really thank you
letty(0:12:05): me too
letty(0:12:12): please compute my debt
kojikoji(0:12:20): ingatz,have a good dream
letty(0:12:31): you too