2008/09/18 6

2008/09/18 6

lilibeth(22:24:05): ok yes
lilibeth(22:24:12): youll my special visitor
kojikoji(22:24:23): i c,i'll do my best
lilibeth(22:24:27): and we will be happy here for your coming for sure
lilibeth(22:24:54): you know every march i celebrate my kids birthday together
lilibeth(22:25:06): so once only every year eversince
lilibeth(22:25:42): so now youll be here 3 already going to celebrate i always remeber you
lilibeth(22:25:57): remember you
lilibeth(22:26:20): your aquamarine
lilibeth(22:26:30): your birthstone
kojikoji(22:26:42): ah i c,remember ka,every march we'll meet in CEBU
lilibeth(22:26:57): ok really ?
lilibeth(22:27:02): you promise it
kojikoji(22:27:28): yes,i'll do my best,and get money then go to CEBU
lilibeth(22:27:34): ok
kojikoji(22:27:55): yes,i wanna meet you and your kids
lilibeth(22:27:57): ill do some lechon for your birthday march 8
lilibeth(22:28:05): together big party
kojikoji(22:28:05): ok
lilibeth(22:28:30): my kids march 5 and 6
kojikoji(22:28:38): ok
kojikoji(22:28:45): i know
lilibeth(22:29:07): one day only then 8 so same
kojikoji(22:29:19): 6 month later


lilibeth(22:29:28): yea
lilibeth(22:29:41): im excited na to think of it
lilibeth(22:29:57): when my daughter will become 18 come also ok ?
kojikoji(22:30:12): 2years later


lilibeth(22:30:16): yea
lilibeth(22:30:24): she will have debuh then
kojikoji(22:30:44): debuh?
lilibeth(22:30:48): yes
lilibeth(22:30:54): she become a woman
lilibeth(22:31:03): at age 18
lilibeth(22:31:14): thats the pilippines we called debuh
kojikoji(22:31:14): what mean debuh,ah woman
lilibeth(22:31:20): yea
kojikoji(22:31:25): become woman
lilibeth(22:31:29): yea
kojikoji(22:31:29): i c
lilibeth(22:31:45): in japan i dont know what age they will celebrate
kojikoji(22:31:45): i understand
lilibeth(22:31:52): for a lady
lilibeth(22:31:54): maybe same
lilibeth(22:32:03): in male here 21
kojikoji(22:32:31): 20years olds,become man & woman
lilibeth(22:32:39): ic
kojikoji(22:32:55): in low 18years olds
lilibeth(22:33:02): ok ic
lilibeth(22:33:11): in pilippines woman is 18
kojikoji(22:33:19): 16years old woman can marry
lilibeth(22:33:24): no
lilibeth(22:33:25): 18
kojikoji(22:33:31): in japan
lilibeth(22:33:45): ok in the church but with parents approval
lilibeth(22:33:54): 16 in japan?
lilibeth(22:33:58): very young
kojikoji(22:34:08): parents ka dyan,we'll marry


lilibeth(22:34:21): no parents will approve
kojikoji(22:34:25): 2years later?
lilibeth(22:34:29): no
lilibeth(22:34:38): she will not marry yet
lilibeth(22:34:50): my daughter will not marry yet
lilibeth(22:34:58): just debuh only
kojikoji(22:35:10): i c
kojikoji(22:35:17): ok lang
kojikoji(22:35:22): i understand
lilibeth(22:36:06): i told my daughter ill be firt to marry oneday before them
lilibeth(22:36:09): he..he..
lilibeth(22:36:17): of course im older than them
kojikoji(22:36:48): ano?
kojikoji(22:37:41): i c,i understand
lilibeth(22:37:45): i told my kids they can not be marry if me will not marry firts
lilibeth(22:37:50): he..he..
lilibeth(22:38:01): so ill be ,marry firts before them
lilibeth(22:38:19): hopefully oneday
lilibeth(22:38:22): he..he/


kojikoji(22:38:36): Mothers marry earlier than children.di ba
lilibeth(22:38:43): yes
lilibeth(22:38:49): thats why i have to
lilibeth(22:38:53): he..he..
kojikoji(22:38:56): that's right
lilibeth(22:39:06): of course
lilibeth(22:39:15): im thier mother and still single
kojikoji(22:39:32): why still single?
lilibeth(22:39:38): im still lady and woman
lilibeth(22:39:42): he..he/..
lilibeth(22:39:57): just still single
lilibeth(22:40:00): dont know why
lilibeth(22:40:06): no body like me maybe
lilibeth(22:40:12): tahts why still single
lilibeth(22:40:14): he..he..


kojikoji(22:40:35): ah i think so that you are good mother,and bocome good wife,asawa
lilibeth(22:40:44): oo maybe
lilibeth(22:40:53): always in the house cooking
lilibeth(22:41:00): my kids is my inspiration
kojikoji(22:41:09): maybe ka dyan
lilibeth(22:41:19): coz i want them to grow with my guidance
lilibeth(22:41:43): i wnat them to see me good always
lilibeth(22:42:01): like your mom
lilibeth(22:42:10): always beside you and near you only
lilibeth(22:43:11): so your lucky your mom is always thre with you too anytime you will need her help
kojikoji(22:43:19): The child seems to bring up parents.i think so because im baby,di ba
lilibeth(22:43:49): yea your baby to your mom
lilibeth(22:43:55): and you my babay too
kojikoji(22:44:03): big baby


lilibeth(22:44:08): coz you have same birthdays almost
lilibeth(22:44:11): yea
lilibeth(22:44:15): my big babay
lilibeth(22:44:19): baby
lilibeth(22:44:22): he..he//
kojikoji(22:44:41): oh your baby,me?mom?ok mom
lilibeth(22:44:47): baby drink milk ?
kojikoji(22:44:56): oo mom
kojikoji(22:45:00): i want
lilibeth(22:45:14): ok
kojikoji(22:45:21): ok ka dyan
lilibeth(22:45:32): he..he...
lilibeth(22:45:39): bakit
lilibeth(22:45:48): iba isip mo dyan
kojikoji(22:45:54): ok someday i drink your milk
lilibeth(22:45:59): he..he..
lilibeth(22:46:09): bad thinking
lilibeth(22:46:12): he,,he..