2008/09/18 4

2008/09/18 4

lilibeth(21:47:35): he..he//
lilibeth(21:47:54): you see my kilikili you have bright eyees
kojikoji(21:48:23): ok lang,peso jpy rate is changing to high
lilibeth(21:48:44): ic
kojikoji(21:49:22): pasa load is need 430peso
lilibeth(21:49:28): you mean rate of japan ?
kojikoji(21:49:40): no in philippines
lilibeth(21:49:41): high in peso
kojikoji(21:49:45): oo
lilibeth(21:49:48): ic
lilibeth(21:49:55): lucky you are
kojikoji(21:49:57): 10000jpy is 4500pesos
lilibeth(21:50:14): really
kojikoji(21:50:18): yes
lilibeth(21:50:21): nice
lilibeth(21:50:27): dollar is what
lilibeth(21:50:32): mabe 5000
kojikoji(21:50:46): more become high maybe 10000jpy is 5000pesos
kojikoji(21:50:59): ok wait
lilibeth(21:51:01): really ?
lilibeth(21:51:13): then you have many money here
kojikoji(21:52:21): i dont have many money
lilibeth(21:52:43): but your japan is high you daid
lilibeth(21:52:45): said
lilibeth(21:52:53): ok lang
lilibeth(21:53:19): wish in in america
lilibeth(21:53:26): many dollar
lilibeth(21:53:28): he..he..
kojikoji(21:53:38): 1$ is 47pesos
lilibeth(21:53:44): i can buy many bra
lilibeth(21:53:54): not 5000
lilibeth(21:54:00): small now
kojikoji(21:54:00): many bra?
lilibeth(21:54:05): yes
lilibeth(21:54:07): he..he.//
kojikoji(21:54:30): bakit?
lilibeth(21:54:43): you hav emany brief
lilibeth(21:54:50): you wnat ill buy for you too
kojikoji(21:55:30): ah you cant buy own underwear
lilibeth(21:55:43): yes po
lilibeth(21:55:50): expensive for me
lilibeth(21:56:05): i bought for my daughter nalang most of the times
kojikoji(21:56:22): ok lang,but 3pair only
lilibeth(21:56:31): ic ok
lilibeth(21:56:36): pwede na yon
lilibeth(21:57:09): nice
lilibeth(21:57:22): i like it red


lilibeth(21:57:50): yes many
lilibeth(21:57:55): nice
lilibeth(21:58:07): you just select the best for me kojikoji
lilibeth(21:58:13): that one
lilibeth(21:58:15): nice
lilibeth(21:58:26): pink lace


kojikoji(21:58:26): best?
lilibeth(21:58:29): he..he..
lilibeth(21:58:31): yes
kojikoji(21:58:36): ah so difficult
lilibeth(21:58:37): i like your choice
kojikoji(21:58:56): ok,i choice for you
lilibeth(21:59:09): with lace
lilibeth(21:59:21): or embroidered
kojikoji(21:59:23): orange and black,ok
lilibeth(21:59:35): pink
lilibeth(21:59:42): red and black
lilibeth(22:00:00): yes
lilibeth(22:00:02): nice
lilibeth(22:00:05): thats one
lilibeth(22:00:12): black and orange
lilibeth(22:00:14): ok
lilibeth(22:00:29): ang bait mo talaga
kojikoji(22:01:12): ok lang,i'll order that bra&panty
lilibeth(22:01:26): ok salamat po
lilibeth(22:01:36): nakakatuwa ka talaga
lilibeth(22:01:45): imagine from japan
lilibeth(22:01:48): imported
lilibeth(22:02:08): can you send your self to me also ?
lilibeth(22:02:11): he..he..


kojikoji(22:02:29): ah do you show me to have put it on?
lilibeth(22:02:42): ah you like ?


kojikoji(22:02:50): joke,just joke
lilibeth(22:02:50): im shy
lilibeth(22:03:08): cant be
kojikoji(22:03:14): ok lang
lilibeth(22:03:14): sorry ha
lilibeth(22:03:22): but maybe one day
lilibeth(22:03:25): whpo knows
lilibeth(22:03:28): who knows


kojikoji(22:03:36): one day ka dyan
lilibeth(22:03:37): i can show it to you
lilibeth(22:03:41): he..he..
kojikoji(22:03:56): ok lang,just joke
lilibeth(22:03:59): your single im single too
kojikoji(22:04:06): yes
lilibeth(22:04:07): so we dont know
lilibeth(22:04:13): he..he. who knows
lilibeth(22:04:23): lucky days will come to us