2008/09/13 7

2008/09/13 7


lilibeth(10:36:09): when im same on her age now
lilibeth(10:36:18): wants many things to do
lilibeth(10:36:28): and very artist
lilibeth(10:36:52): you know she wants to become actress in japan


kojikoji(10:36:55): of cause your daughter,artistic di ba
lilibeth(10:37:01): oo talaga
lilibeth(10:37:08): you know it
lilibeth(10:37:19): she wants to be alawys be good
kojikoji(10:37:20): ah.......yes
lilibeth(10:37:31): and always perfect
lilibeth(10:38:00): theyre gone
lilibeth(10:38:34): hi
kojikoji(10:38:47): perfect ka jan,she has a lot of talents.
kojikoji(10:38:51): oh Hi


lilibeth(10:39:50): you see her
lilibeth(10:40:09): shes washing clothes for us for now
kojikoji(10:40:13): yes
lilibeth(10:40:49): i let borrow money for my pasa load
lilibeth(10:40:56): she sgoing out for while
lilibeth(10:41:01): coz dont have load now
lilibeth(10:41:22): my brother in law tx me
lilibeth(10:41:31): they want to see house for sale
lilibeth(10:41:45): coz my friend house wants to sell near us here only
lilibeth(10:41:54): so they will see this afternoon
lilibeth(10:42:04): but cant reply coz no load
lilibeth(10:42:16): he..he..
kojikoji(10:42:21): i c,watchng secondhand house
lilibeth(10:42:26): yes
kojikoji(10:42:49): ok lang ,no problem,again 150pesos ok lang?
lilibeth(10:42:56): my friend house is in subdivision many rich people living thre
kojikoji(10:43:09): oh i c
lilibeth(10:43:11): he..he.. ok you will send me pasa load again ?
lilibeth(10:43:27): thanks
kojikoji(10:43:34): ok today,i'll do that
lilibeth(10:43:36): but it will come tomorrow mnaybe
lilibeth(10:43:41): ic


kojikoji(10:44:07): i think so,any way i 'll order its now
lilibeth(10:44:23): ok really ang bait mo talaga
lilibeth(10:44:31): im lucky
lilibeth(10:44:41): to know you here
lilibeth(10:44:59): you listen to me what is my feelings
lilibeth(10:45:25): i can express my feelings to you and you listen
lilibeth(10:45:43): my heart not heavy anymore
kojikoji(10:46:15): ano?not heavy
lilibeth(10:46:20): i wish your herte for me always
lilibeth(10:46:30): here
lilibeth(10:46:58): my heart not burden anymorte coz you are here with me and know you
lilibeth(10:47:28): my english not understood?
kojikoji(10:47:45): yes i wanna meet you in cebu
lilibeth(10:47:53): he,,he,, really
kojikoji(10:48:00): yes


lilibeth(10:48:05): proud of you then
lilibeth(10:48:11): lets have party
lilibeth(10:48:24): my pigswill be big this december
lilibeth(10:48:36): i can make lechon if you come
lilibeth(10:48:49): i hasve pig in mountain
lilibeth(10:48:53): have
kojikoji(10:49:35): ok lang ,i want eat lechon baboy
lilibeth(10:50:28): ok sgi
lilibeth(10:50:34): masarap
kojikoji(10:51:20): ok now i order pasa load
lilibeth(10:51:33): wow ok
lilibeth(10:51:53): im really spread news to my cousin that your giving me load
lilibeth(10:52:01): i cant keep the happiness
kojikoji(10:52:42): ano?cant keep
lilibeth(10:53:06): the feelings of happiness
lilibeth(10:53:27): thats why i told my cousin that you giving me pasa load
lilibeth(10:53:30): he,,he..
kojikoji(10:53:32): now i check E-mail.i finished order
lilibeth(10:53:37): ic
lilibeth(10:55:52): very cheap my friend deal her house she tx me my mobile
lilibeth(10:55:59): maybe need money so much
kojikoji(10:57:01): oh i c,everybody need money,me too