2008/09/13 3

2008/09/13 3


kojikoji(9:01:59): i like cebu,i like you likie
lilibeth(9:02:05): he..he..
lilibeth(9:02:13): im happy for you to meet
lilibeth(9:02:36): im so lucky maybe tp have you here
lilibeth(9:02:51): ]i wish we can meet oneday
lilibeth(9:03:22): my niece will have birthday december 25 christmas time
kojikoji(9:03:25): i want hug you oneday


lilibeth(9:03:31): you can come here pilippines
lilibeth(9:03:43): he..he.. but no marry no hug
lilibeth(9:03:47): he..he..he..
lilibeth(9:03:58): old fassion me now
kojikoji(9:04:06): ok lang


lilibeth(9:04:23): coz learn so much na
lilibeth(9:04:35): i dont want have baby no married
lilibeth(9:04:52): but problem if still can have baby even one
lilibeth(9:04:54): he..he..
kojikoji(9:04:56): yes ,i think so


lilibeth(9:05:13): so want married firts
lilibeth(9:05:24): coz hug can do many time as you martried na diba
kojikoji(9:05:34): ok lang
lilibeth(9:05:50): but ok lang din po ako
lilibeth(9:06:08): he.he..
kojikoji(9:06:27): hehehe ka jan
lilibeth(9:06:34): bakit
lilibeth(9:06:42): im just happy taking to you
kojikoji(9:07:05): ah......hehehe is mean is just like joke di ba
lilibeth(9:07:08): at least my morning is fine
lilibeth(9:07:12): and happy
lilibeth(9:07:59): im just looking at you and feel happy
kojikoji(9:08:11): im happyy to,i can show your smile face


lilibeth(9:08:22): yea thanks
lilibeth(9:08:41): im just feel good today
lilibeth(9:08:49): ]coz i see you here again
kojikoji(9:08:53): me too,likie
lilibeth(9:09:11): but later i have nothing to do
lilibeth(9:09:23): afternoon ill fetch my daughetr in her school
kojikoji(9:09:42): ok i c
lilibeth(9:09:44): i have niece here she washing the clothes
lilibeth(9:09:48): so im rest now
lilibeth(9:10:15): all she wnated only to pay is to let her study in college
kojikoji(9:10:25): me too ah forget, washing clothes too
lilibeth(9:10:30): thats why i dont pay her salary
lilibeth(9:10:42): coz she wants to study
kojikoji(9:10:50): i c
kojikoji(9:11:18): education is very important thing
lilibeth(9:11:27): yes
lilibeth(9:11:47): thats why better education
lilibeth(9:11:52): than pay her salary
kojikoji(9:11:59): oh some one comes
lilibeth(9:12:02): thats what im thinking
lilibeth(9:12:08): who your gf


lilibeth(9:12:10): ??
kojikoji(9:12:27): no,your house
lilibeth(9:12:32): ic at my back ?
kojikoji(9:12:37): yes
lilibeth(9:12:40): he wants to borrow motor
kojikoji(9:12:49): i c
lilibeth(9:12:49): but i dont like
kojikoji(9:13:01): you dont like?
kojikoji(9:13:10): bakit?
lilibeth(9:13:10): coz they will borrow then after return no gasoline anymore
lilibeth(9:13:26): coz i m not bale to finish pay the motor


kojikoji(9:13:29): gas ka jan<
kojikoji(9:13:35): mahal di ba
lilibeth(9:13:37): if something happen i will sacrifice
lilibeth(9:13:41): opo
lilibeth(9:13:47): no budget so much
kojikoji(9:13:55): i c
lilibeth(9:14:17): i was force to get it utang coz he say he will drive daily
lilibeth(9:14:34): but aftewr i get it he dont like to drive daily
lilibeth(9:14:44): to have rental daily
lilibeth(9:15:02): wait
kojikoji(9:15:03): utang ka jan
lilibeth(9:15:10): oo ga
lilibeth(9:15:16): oonga