2008/09/13 2

2008/09/13 2


lilibeth(8:38:18): you have nice jar at your back
lilibeth(8:39:05): your mom is thre ?
kojikoji(8:39:12): no
lilibeth(8:39:38): i saw some one
lilibeth(8:39:52): old one
lilibeth(8:39:58): thanks so much
kojikoji(8:40:26): old one?you saw
lilibeth(8:40:30): yea
lilibeth(8:40:39): no one ?
kojikoji(8:40:47): im alone
lilibeth(8:40:53): really ?
kojikoji(8:41:07): yes
lilibeth(8:41:23): oh but i saw
lilibeth(8:41:40): shes having towel at her bust
lilibeth(8:41:45): looking for something
lilibeth(8:41:50): but dont see her face


kojikoji(8:42:24): where?
lilibeth(8:42:48): she look for dress maybe
lilibeth(8:43:25): hala
lilibeth(8:43:30): what did i saw
kojikoji(8:43:42): ha?i dont understand,hala?
lilibeth(8:43:48): ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
kojikoji(8:44:13): ano?
lilibeth(8:44:37): maybe momoo
kojikoji(8:45:02): what happen,your mom?
lilibeth(8:45:14): shers in mountain
kojikoji(8:45:39): mountain?
lilibeth(8:45:48): yea
lilibeth(8:45:53): my sister living thre
kojikoji(8:46:04): oh i c


lilibeth(8:46:17): so i live now with kids and cousin in the house
kojikoji(8:46:25): i c
lilibeth(8:46:43): so lonely too
lilibeth(8:46:47): but ist ok
lilibeth(8:46:57): but i really saw someone thre
lilibeth(8:47:04): can you turn on again the cam
kojikoji(8:47:26): lonely?you living with your kids,di ba
lilibeth(8:47:32): opo
lilibeth(8:48:01): near in tv
lilibeth(8:48:30): he..he.. maybe its just decoration
kojikoji(8:49:01): wala
lilibeth(8:49:11): oo
lilibeth(8:49:14): sorry po
kojikoji(8:49:39): ok
kojikoji(8:50:07): then are you ok,do you have time?


lilibeth(8:50:13): yea
lilibeth(8:50:21): my daughte notv yet prepared too
lilibeth(8:50:53): so im ok
kojikoji(8:50:59): not yet ka jan
lilibeth(8:51:14): ano
lilibeth(8:51:20): ano tingin mo jan
lilibeth(8:51:23): he,,he..
kojikoji(8:51:48): ano tingin?what mean tingin
lilibeth(8:52:24): seing
kojikoji(8:53:01): jan ka?jan is using in philippines?
lilibeth(8:53:11): yes like what you used
lilibeth(8:53:15): jan diba
kojikoji(8:53:21): oo
lilibeth(8:53:21): your copy it in pilippines
lilibeth(8:53:56): so same only
kojikoji(8:54:11): yes i copy my friend use,jan
lilibeth(8:54:18): o diba
kojikoji(8:54:33): yes
lilibeth(8:54:57): so marami pa ikaw alam tagalog
kojikoji(8:55:47): hindi


lilibeth(8:55:59): sigi ill teach you
kojikoji(8:56:33): ok pls,i want learn more tagalog
lilibeth(8:57:01): sigi
lilibeth(8:57:13): ill teach you
lilibeth(8:57:17): why you want
kojikoji(8:58:04): ah i want know many word
lilibeth(8:58:10): ic ok
lilibeth(8:58:17): so ill be your teacher from now on
kojikoji(8:58:43): HAN ,what mean HAN
lilibeth(8:58:51): jan
kojikoji(8:59:13): HAN is same mean jan?
lilibeth(8:59:15): still seing me
lilibeth(8:59:19): no
lilibeth(8:59:28): jan wrong typing only
lilibeth(8:59:41): he.he..
lilibeth(9:00:14): kojikojiwhere you place again
lilibeth(9:00:20): where you living
lilibeth(9:00:27): tokyo?
lilibeth(9:00:35): what are you seing thre
lilibeth(9:00:49): someone coming ?
kojikoji(9:00:55): i just watch TV intoduce DAVAO
lilibeth(9:01:02): ic
lilibeth(9:01:06): you like davao ?
lilibeth(9:01:12): you dont like cebu
kojikoji(9:01:32): ah davao is so far
lilibeth(9:01:38): yea
lilibeth(9:01:46): fighting thre now
lilibeth(9:01:54): some are evacuating cebu