2008/09/07 その1

2008/09/07 その1


lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:07:07): hi
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:07:35): Hi,how about yourdaughter
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:08:45): shes alright now
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:09:17): ok that's good,kumusta ka
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:09:35): ok lang
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:09:44): nainis ako kanina
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:10:20): ano?nainis,kanina


lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:10:47): opo
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:11:15): my nieghbor so very bad
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:11:16): how's your today
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:11:29): ohh myb day is bad


lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:11:47): coz thsi morning i sent feeds for pigs in the mountain
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:12:05): but the one who bring it did not give to my sisters house
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:12:16): he stole maybe and my 500 pesos cash
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:13:46): so dont have money to buy feeds of pigs anymore
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:14:02): oh,it's so bad thing,but maybe
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:14:07): i told my sister to just borrow thre for mean time for feeds
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:14:28): yea its my firts time i was trick sending feeds thre in mountain
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:15:01): my budget is broke now


lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:15:16): thats why i feel heart ached
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:15:21): how are you then
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:16:15): oh im fine,whether goodness when how saying is not understood.
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:16:25): you know what my daughter say oh ,mom dont go to court this time coz im still studying


lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:17:12): coz only when she finish school we will move on for this case regarding our nieghbors here quarrel
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:17:33): It might be useless if there is no evidence.
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:18:03): but thres evidence coz they keep hurrashing me and my brotheres
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:18:15): theyr the one passing in ouir front area
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:18:26): coz they living in our back
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:18:47): so theres right of way we make
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:19:11): but that way was given only for our cousins living at the back
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:19:30): but they sell it so thats why other person living thre now
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:19:54): but they are very bad . they putting us down here always
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:20:16): they look at us small people only
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:20:38): the passage is own by my grandfather
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:21:16): sorry for i shesred this to you kojikoji
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:21:38): for expressing my bad feelings today
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:21:52): oh,they are troublesome person.
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:22:01): yea thats true
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:22:14): becaUSE THEY ARE OLD PEOPLE LIVING HERE
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:22:18): AND WE ARE JUST NEW
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:22:24): and hurrashing your family
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:22:29): coz we are grown from mindanao
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:22:48): its just happen this place we are now is from my fathers land
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:23:00): yea thats true always hurrashing us
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:23:28): you know they think us small cpoz my fathers so poor and we are just living in mindanao before
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:23:56): so now this our share from my father so thats why were living here now and used this place now
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:24:30): ah mindanao,i c,It is the same also in Japan. The newly-arrived resident is bullied.
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:28:36): what you mean like japan
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:30:45): i think that you so tired.pls take rest time.The newly-arrived resident is oppressed.
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:33:16): dc
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:33:18): ok lang?
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:33:37): ok lang
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:33:50): ang pinsan ko ask rice sa akin ngayon
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:33:57): kumain kana ba?
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:34:03): wala rice sila
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:34:06): wala pa
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:34:27): ano?rice wala!
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:35:41): pls teach me your address


lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:37:15): lilibeth XXXX.XXXXXXXX manadaue city
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:37:31): hirap din ang pinsan ko
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:37:45): very funny life
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:38:28): ha?very funny life?
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:38:30): hirap din
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:38:55): no i mean very hard
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:39:07): ok,i know


lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:39:36): wala nga rice i have only half kilo for the morning
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:39:52): i to9ld my cousin i have corn rice but not so good already
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:40:13): oh i c
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:40:16): what gonna do is to wash first before to cook the corn rice
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:40:35): to illiminate the bok bok . he..he..
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:41:22): ano?illiminate the bok bok
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:42:15): para maalis ang nga insects ba kasi matagal na kasi ang rice naka stock
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:42:34): hindi nagamit ba
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:42:59): ano?nagamit
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:43:27): ambot nimo ako
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:43:38): not being used
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:43:47): he..he.. sorry
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:43:58): you feel hard to understand
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:44:04): but we dont have rice
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:44:50): ok i understand your situation
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:45:55): but i gave mu cousin already an old corn rice coz i dont have rice like what you have thre in japan
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:47:08): sorry,mama called me,i have to go to dinner
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:47:19): ic sorry i talk many to you
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:47:26): we will eat na din
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:47:31): utan ang ulam
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:47:33): no,dont say sorry
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:47:49): ah pk thanks for listening
kojikoji(2008/09/07 19:48:08): ok lang,see you later,ingat ka
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:49:11): opo
lilibeth(2008/09/07 19:49:16): thanks kojikoji