lilibeth(2008/08/26 8:10:15): thnks for the reply
lilibeth(2008/08/26 8:10:32): im just now back to online
lilibeth(2008/08/26 8:10:58): coz busy too lasst week cooking foods for small carenderia
lilibeth(2008/08/26 8:11:19): but just temporary coz my sister in law back to do cooking now
lilibeth(2008/08/26 8:11:40): take care ill wait for your call kojikoji
lilibeth(2008/08/26 8:11:48): take care and good luck
lilibeth(2008/08/26 8:11:54): more power on your work


kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:08:47): hello
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:10:15): how are you
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:13:49): hi
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:13:57): im eating while ago
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:14:02): im fine
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:14:08): happy your here
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:14:25): hows are you doing kojima
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:16:13): i try set-up webcam
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:16:27): really ? you have now
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:16:41): wow ok im so much happy that you buy already
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:16:42): yes
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:16:48): he..he..
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:17:04): so wanna see you kojikoji
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:17:57): are you ok now
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:18:03): ok but i just open it
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:18:10): ok ill wait
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:19:12): hope to see u
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:19:26): you know just arrived from sm
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:19:32): ok see you now
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:19:45): hi
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:19:54): hello
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:20:00): hello
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:20:05): thanks your here


kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:20:26): ano?signed out?
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:20:27): long time no online
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:20:40): coz dont want others to see me
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:20:48): and they want to see my cam
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:21:33): ah...... first time webcam
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:21:53): yes
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:21:55): can you see me?
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:21:59): yea
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:22:08): thats why i make you inlarge
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:22:12): he..he..


lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:22:24): so i can see you more
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:22:31): are you in the house
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:22:47): more?in my room?
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:22:56): in my house?
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:23:11): ok
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:23:18): yes
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:23:26): ah...ok?
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:23:35): but so durty
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:23:40): its ok
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:23:51): as you see my house too very dirty
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:24:03): not good arrange
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:24:24): you have a nice house
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:24:31): no
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:24:48): what is important is you i know
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:25:04): who are you talking in the phone
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:25:26): ah i wana hear your voice,can i call you now?
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:25:44): ok wait but i dont have headphone
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:25:53): only my cell
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:26:07): or in my landline +63XXXXX
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:26:08): no,i call you,cell phone
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:26:20): wait i chaRGE IT
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:27:10): OK
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:27:34): you can call me now
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:28:03): thanks im so happy for you now
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:28:12): coz my heart so painful today
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:28:40): my daughter asking dress for me thats so expensive that going to use in her school activities
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:28:47): so im so down today
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:49:03): no more battery
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:49:12): he..he.


kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:49:15): ah line is disconnect
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:49:20): yes
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:49:27): i dont know why
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:49:36): ok thank you very much
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:49:42): buit lechon if you want maybe we can know
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:49:47): he..he..
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:50:10): i never forget you,talaga
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:50:20): bakit
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:50:22): he
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:50:25): he
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:50:33): i like you


lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:50:45): he..he.. thanks you
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:50:56): im happy you like me
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:51:13): ill send you lechon if you like
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:51:33): ok i know
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:51:34): but dont know the pay and process
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:51:50): ah...ok
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:51:50): he..he.
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:52:05): are you tired
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:52:05): my sister have pigs in the mountain
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:52:11): no im not tired
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:52:14): oh i c
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:52:16): coz i talk to you
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:52:29): how about you are you sleepy now
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:52:31): its ok
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:52:40): tomorrow no class my daughter
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:52:53): coz its exam of the hiegher grade
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:53:02): special exam going to college
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:53:10): ah i c
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:53:22): college wow
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:53:27): so i dont wake up early
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:53:31): yes
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:53:47): my daughetr still 3 year in high school
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:54:09): she 16


kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:54:15): oh i understand
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:54:22): thats why many ask now from me
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:54:33): and many likes
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:54:55): headached sometimes you know
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:55:31): i watch your daughter in other site
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:55:44): yes reading books
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:56:14): she fun of reading animation and novels
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:56:27): she likes reading
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:56:36): and good in her class too
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:56:54): shes intelligent
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:57:07): and wants to get course in college
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:57:43): i watch your family's picture
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:57:44): and thats my problem coz she want to become a doctor one day
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:57:50): why
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:57:58): do i have family pic ?
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:57:59): oh doctor wow


lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:58:15): yes thats my big problem
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:58:30): coz doctor is not easy course
kojikoji(2008/08/26 22:58:58): i forgot but other site yahoo?frendster?
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:59:11): yes
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:59:21): he..he.. i dont know my friendster
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:59:31): only my daughter put me ion friendster
lilibeth(2008/08/26 22:59:59): you have also friendster
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:00:16): yes
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:00:18): you really like a teen ager
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:00:27): i mean your young in heart
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:00:38): coz you ahve friendster
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:00:48): ano?i dont like young girl
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:01:01): no i mean you ahve young heart
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:01:13): he,,he,, trhats good
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:01:29): you dont like young girl ? why ?
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:01:41): me too i dont like young man
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:01:45): thank you,but i just set-up profile only
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:01:47): i want older than me
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:02:47): oh you are young,hehehe
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:02:55): no im 40
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:03:02): im 40 already
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:03:06): i know,bday is 1968.1.27
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:03:06): and you ?
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:03:11): yes
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:03:14): he..he..
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:03:20): yes im 50
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:03:30): my cousin only the one type this for me
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:03:43): wow its ok


kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:03:45): bday is 1958.3.8
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:03:52): at least 10 years difference
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:04:03): yes 10yrs
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:04:03): what month your b day
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:04:08): yes
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:04:21): march.8th
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:04:30): are you march 8,1958?
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:04:49): ok
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:04:50): yes 1958
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:04:56): my kids march 5 and 6
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:05:12): so i celebrate oone birthday only
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:05:17): he..he.
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:05:26): yes i know,you said to me


lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:05:29): so if you march 8 ill join you
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:05:38): ic
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:05:46): i mention it to you already
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:06:07): so have one big celebration then
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:06:23): hehehe
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:06:24): he.,,he..
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:06:30): nice
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:06:41): i cant forget you
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:06:49): yes,so nice
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:06:56): yea he..he..
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:07:24): i wish one day youll be here on your birthday
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:07:38): so to join you
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:07:45): celebrate in pilippines
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:08:01): cebu
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:08:18): yes i want visit your Bday and my Bday
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:08:23): i like you morte now
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:08:29): really ?
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:08:39): someday
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:08:40): january is my birthday
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:08:44): next year
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:08:48): he.he..
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:08:51): yea true


kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:08:57): ah i dont know......sorry
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:09:14): yes
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:09:20): coz still far
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:09:43): but i wanna visit philippines and meet you in cebu
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:09:46): but ill be happy for sure that time if you can come
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:09:53): ok sure
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:10:00): im so proud of you then
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:10:19): i can be proud of you to my family
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:10:24): thank you very much
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:10:30): yes
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:10:42): that i have someone like you
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:11:16): ok,i have to go to bed,11:00 in japan
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:11:23): ah ok
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:11:26): yea
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:11:32): have a nice sleep
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:11:38): dream of me ok
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:11:46): and im so happy to see you now
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:11:54): then next time again
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:11:58): salamat,im happy too
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:12:10): salamat po
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:12:17): ok,ingat ka palagi
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:12:21): opo
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:12:27): ikaw din ingatz
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:12:36): palagi mo ako isipin ha
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:12:57): ma miss kita dito
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:13:09): now that you ahve cam
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:13:21): have a good dream
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:13:28): yes dream me
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:13:37): goodnight kojikoji
kojikoji(2008/08/26 23:13:43): bye bye,see you in my dream
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:13:51): my heart smile at you really now
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:13:56): yes
lilibeth(2008/08/26 23:14:14): im going to sleep too now