LH: hi............
kojikoji: Hi musta ka?
LH: mabuti
LH: pero sira ang pc ko sa bahay
LH: naka lunglot
LH: lungkot
kojikoji: Oo,ok lang
LH: musta na ikaw
kojikoji: mabuti naman
LH: 'sorry
LH: wrong
LH: so how is your days
LH: thanks for the load
LH: maybe your the one sending me before
LH: but now no more again
LH: he..he..
kojikoji: walang anuman,ano?
LH: oo
kojikoji: ano?load?again?
LH: hindi sabi ko thanks
LH: yea dont have load now
LH: but its ok
LH: so what you didi today
kojikoji: bakit?i can load again.
LH: sometime i chat you but your so much busy
LH: really you can load me again?
LH: cam pls
LH: ang yaman mo talaga
LH: at ang bait
LH: ma miss ko ito sayo
kojikoji: ah.......yes,im busy,sure ok lang
LH: ]he..he..
LH: so sino ka chat mo dito
LH: siguro and dami mong friends dito
LH: im so much happy im one of them
LH: im one of your milions of friends then
kojikoji: no,i dont chat other friend
LH: really
LH: only me ?
LH: he..he..
LH: i wish we xcan see here again
LH: have cam already
LH: im in internet cafe now
LH: but no cam here
LH: he..he..
kojikoji: ha,ano?milions....it is not
LH: sorry
LH: but i wish you can see me again in cam
kojikoji: im everynight doing sideline
LH: what your sideline
kojikoji: ah use internet,advertise,affiliate etc....
LH: ic
LH: your so much intelligent
LH: matalino ka pala
LH: i admire you so much
kojikoji: ah....sideline only,i can get some money
LH: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
LH: nice you are
LH: you are very talented
kojikoji: im thinkin' many way to get money,then im busy
kojikoji: pls understand about me
LH: ok
LH: i know
kojikoji: salamat
LH: i undersatnd you
LH: understand you
LH: that sometime syou cant response me
kojikoji: ok,i know that i want chat with you but i have not time
LH: ok
kojikoji: ok,i want go to bed,see you in my dream.
LH: ok bye
kojikoji: bye bye,ingat ka
LH: hope we can talk again soon in my mobile
LH: ingat ka rin
LH: but i cant call you for now
LH: coz dont hav eload again
LH: but im happy to know you hre
kojikoji: ok,pls wait moment,i do pasa load
LH: he..he.. oh thanks you
kojikoji: have a good dream
LH: my cousin so much envey to me when i got your load before coz im so noisy to tell them my cousin that someone giving me a load for 300
LH: they sdaid im lucky
LH: goodnight
kojikoji: ok,good night
LH: k goodnight sweet dreams babe
kojikoji: ok see you in your dream
LH: yesssssssssssssssssss

Josephine: hello
Josephine: pls i wait you
Josephine: i missed u