kojikoji: what long time do not chatting with you,l○○y
l○○y: yes very time now
l○○y: you are so busy lately no time for me
kojikoji: but i can hear your voice tonight
l○○y: yes me too
l○○y: and im so happy
kojikoji: i'm sorry,i'm busy last one month


l○○y: its ok
l○○y: what i want to know is when are you going to visit me in Davao
l○○y: or if you cant invite us to go to japan
kojikoji: that thing,i write in the letter
l○○y: ok
l○○y: i will read it
kojikoji: It is not possible to go to Davao this year.


kojikoji: I'm sorry that it is made to expect.
l○○y: its ok just take your time
kojikoji: my side-b doesn't make a profit
l○○y: atleast thats only side be but mine is my prime business not doing well
kojikoji: ok you will get money this treading
l○○y: yes maybe this is a business that make me more money
kojikoji: ok,i'll surport you
l○○y: yes thank you
l○○y: then later we get a booth in the big malls here in Davao


kojikoji: no problem,l○○y.it is my happiness
l○○y: thank you kojikoji you are really great
l○○y: how i wish i meet you in person soon
kojikoji: invite is very difficult thing,but i'll do my best
l○○y: thank you
l○○y: i have a friend who married japanese guy then the consul allow her sisters to visit her in japan
kojikoji: oh,,,i see
l○○y: yes thats why i wonder why you can not invite me
kojikoji: i've never appicate for invite.knownledge only
l○○y: pleaseeeeeeeee
l○○y: i want to see Japna
kojikoji: i'll study about invite appication
l○○y: if you are busy of work then you invite me
l○○y: ok
kojikoji: ok l○○y, be cool
l○○y: i am
l○○y: but you know i cant help my excitement
kojikoji: i sent report about visit to japan
l○○y: ok
l○○y: please
l○○y: i want to meet you in person


kojikoji: ok ,For the time being,i e-load your cellphone
l○○y: again thanks
kojikoji: our relationship is keeping
l○○y: you are really great kojikoji im so lucky to have you
kojikoji: then i work hard little bit hard for the money
kojikoji: i just starting next your order
l○○y: hahahah
l○○y: your so fast
l○○y: we become rich
l○○y: fast than i expected
kojikoji: i prepear catalog and sample
l○○y: you send that together with sunblock?
kojikoji: oh,,,i'm sorry till i packing it
l○○y: ok
l○○y: its ok
kojikoji: next time i'll send you
l○○y: ok
kojikoji: i need several day for prepear it
l○○y: really?
l○○y: im sorry to disturb you
kojikoji: maybe next week,ah comes DEC
l○○y: yes
l○○y: its Christmas already
kojikoji: yes christmas..
l○○y: i dont have you on Christmas im so sad
l○○y: i thought we are together
l○○y: even for a short period of time



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kojikoji: sorry again,l○○y
l○○y: i understand
kojikoji: thank you l○○y,for understanding
l○○y: your welcome
l○○y: if you want to sleep just tell me
l○○y: tomorrow is monday busy day
l○○y: im so happy to hear your voice
l○○y: wait
l○○y: what is your cell no
l○○y: i want to try calling you because i tried calling you but i got a wrong no
l○○y: i can not reach you
kojikoji: ok,l○○y,we have to go to bed,oh i send international telephone card
l○○y: thanks kojikoji
kojikoji: my cell phone number is 8190○○○
l○○y: including country code
kojikoji: 81 is country number
l○○y: then
kojikoji: ○○○○○○ is you call number
l○○y: im trying to call you now but i can not connect
kojikoji: i dont know why you dont call me
kojikoji: ok,pls wait you receive int.card
l○○y: ok i guess we need to go to bed now
l○○y: thank you again
l○○y: i love you
l○○y: take care
l○○y: hope to see you soon
kojikoji: thank you l○○y,have a good dream
l○○y: if you have time please inquire application of inviting friends
kojikoji: ingat ka lagi,love you
kojikoji: ok i know
l○○y: ikaw din
l○○y: *** You've been KISSED! ***
l○○y: *** You've been SMACKED! ***
kojikoji: *** Kissing ***
kojikoji: *** Smacking ***
l○○y: *** You've been KISSED! ***
l○○y: bye
kojikoji: bye good night
kojikoji: *** Kissing ***