c○○y: ima davao na ame bakare very samui na
kojikoji: oh samuika japan also but ako attakai yo,my heart
c○○y: hahahahah me to
kojikoji: issyoni neruto attakai desyo
c○○y: hayako oide na
kojikoji: wakarimashita,ako everyday shigoto and side business ganbaru
c○○y: heheheheh yes ato how many days na hehehe i want to hug you na asawako
c○○y: i make our baby ok
c○○y: ok wakata na,,,mke our baby na im very excited to have a baby na asawako
kojikoji: karada daijini shitekudasai asawako
c○○y: yes im always na asawako,,ikaw mo na dont to much in work ok
kojikoji: thank you c○○y
c○○y: arigato mo na asawako immvery happy i found you
kojikoji: salamat c○○y,im very happy now
c○○y: just relax and all is ok na no need to worry coz im be youres forever na asawako just give me all your love im very lucky mother in this world,,and im promise to you to be a good mother and wife for you
kojikoji: ok,c○○y,I hold out though I do not understand whether to become a good husband.
c○○y: i have a big hearth na asawako and i have big understanding in my hearth ok no need to worry about that just we talk all the small problem if we have to come in our relationship and make do all the things not to fight in small problem na
c○○y: understanding is best na asawako we will be a good couples
kojikoji: ok ,atarimae desyo,no fight,do many meeting,talk and hug and kiss
c○○y: hehehehehe yes asawako hug and kisses is best im gonna be ok hehehe
c○○y: asawako just 1 thing na dont gonna hurt me na
kojikoji: i promises to you.dont gonna hurt you.



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c○○y: arigato na,,,me to i promise im self and to you not to hurt you
kojikoji: arigato hontoni arigato,c○○y
c○○y: ako mo so much arigato na aswako coz my heart is go on coz of you thank you so much asawako i love you so much
c○○y: *** You've been SMACKED! ***
c○○y: *** You've been KISSED! ***
kojikoji: *** Smacking ***
kojikoji: *** Kissing ***
kojikoji: i'll work for us
c○○y: ok but dont forget to enjoy na and relax ok
c○○y: mahal na mahal kita asawako
kojikoji: ok i know,i dont like hard work
c○○y: ok,,,me to i work for us to more bonding in our relatoinship and of courese for my son
c○○y: I○○N mo excited to see na asawako
kojikoji: i'll work tonight side business
c○○y: ok ikaw makasero na asawako
kojikoji: ok daijyobu,ako genki dakara
c○○y: i love you na asawako
kojikoji: i love you too asawako
c○○y: *** You've been SMACKED! ***
kojikoji: *** Smacking ***
kojikoji: *** Kissing ***
c○○y: how i wish to hug you na asawako
c○○y: you know my wish in my b day is you here in my bday na asawako
kojikoji: oh i wish hug you too,i do my best,asawako
c○○y: opo
kojikoji: ok,i have to work a little tonight
c○○y: ok i close na my store asawako then slep early and weak up early to do also my work na
kojikoji: me too c○○y,have a good dream
c○○y: yes i see you in my dream always asawako
c○○y: i love you have a good sleep and hug me in makura na
c○○y: love you asawako,,,good night
c○○y: *** You've been KISSED! ***
c○○y: *** You've been SMACKED! ***
kojikoji: mahal na mahal kita asawako
kojikoji: *** Kissing ***
c○○y: asawako youe send me a tegami?
kojikoji: not send to you yet,but i'll send to you letter
c○○y: ok but if youre very bz its ok na no need to worry ok
kojikoji: no problem c○○y
kojikoji: dont worry
c○○y: i love you asawako
c○○y: *** You've been SMACKED! ***
kojikoji: i love you too asawako
kojikoji: *** Smacking ***
kojikoji: *** Kissing ***
c○○y: good night asawako
c○○y: i love you so much
kojikoji: good night asawako
kojikoji: ingat ka
c○○y: opo,,,ikaw din ingat lagi mahal na mahal kita
kojikoji: love u asawako,good night
c○○y: good nyt
kojikoji: bye

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