25歳、独身、子供あり、cebu、155 cm、57 Kg、髪の色:黒、目の色:茶色
職業:無職、転居: 不明

hi there..i saw ur profile in search ad...in this site..
before i introduce to u myself..i hope ur in good health and doing fine..and ur in good day..
im filipina,26 yrs old..single-parent have one daugther who is 3 yrs old..lived now in cebu city philippines with my parents. i am never been married.but im wishing someday somehow..to have my own family,to walk in the aisle wth someone who loved me and care for me..
i am ambition.but quite simple in all ways..i love home.i love family,i love friends..but most important to me right now is to have my own call..my family..a husbnd.our kids..hopefully..
i love travelling.im flexible..im simple in looks and ways..very culture filipina.family-oriented and i love cooking.but im also wishing to have more knwledge about different kind of cook food in different country..
in philippines..marriage is one of the culture in filipino traits..i respect also that..also we had here hospitality,considerable..and most of all..knows really how to take care of thier love ones..helping together and loving each other and with all the respect..
i do know that there is diferent cultre around the world..but i only wishing that RESPECT and HONESTY and GOOD INTENTIONS will be one of the priorities in a man's attitude.. i am looking for a man who is ready to settle down..a man who never doubt.a man who doesnt have 'BUT's ..who also looking for a woman to love him and take care for him in return..who wants marriage and family of his own..who also like to settledown someday here in my place..
as of now.im still single..and looking..i wish to get to know someone who is not much perfect but perfect in my heart,who is deserve and worth to love..who knows how to treasure the simple things i can give and the love i can offer..
i am not rich..nor poor..i am not graduate in college..but i do graduate in high school..im only looking for a simple living but full of love and happiness..
i want that my love would find a way to communicate with me.important to me is communication and trust with each other.. i hate selfish human attitude.coz im generous and kind.i hate descrimination.i do appreciate a man who willing to be with me at all times..who is willing to live with me simply ....but full of love with each other..
money is only a second priorities in life..but cannot buy love.but cannot buy hapiness. while love is the most important feelings u shared and make urself complete..and thats me..i want to be complete by finding someone who is also looking for love to complete his life thru me..
im full of loving to offer and give..i want lifetime partner..its kind of hard..but its worth to wait.its not predictable but it only comes once..i hope i got u in here.....
thanks for reading my email and hope to get ur response of knowing u more if u like my intentions of emailing u..
u can email at ○○@hotmail.com

thanks and GOD BLESSS U ALWAYS!!!!


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now a litte genkinai na my voice chotto okashi maybe coz of to much hot in the morning then rain in the evening and if i drive a lot of hot in my back coz the aircon its not work...my place is gaisano mall kara store made i think its 15minetes dake na kuruma kara chotto inaka mitai kara my place but its a highland here,,,,,,,,,,,,,saki mo arigato na denwa de ato mesege mo kietai de im so much happy,,,,everyday happy na when i found you,,,im always hope and pray thta we were meant to be and to be happy and be a good partner in life....take care always im always care for you....love you so much

19:40 Hello dinner ok?I READ YOUR MAIL IN PH.FROM GAISANO MALL ITS 15mnts dake kuruma kara.ima choto genkinai na my koi chotto ukashi my hentosin choto itai na but its ok.miss na kita lagi at mahal na mahal na kita totoo.ima hayai slep coz my helper its not here im the one to cook early tomorow.ingat ka palagi.Im on ph now

20:54 Uyasuminasai.mwah3.mwah3...gud night god bless ...i love you c○○y

hello kojikoji,

Im here in the internet copy just check if you are on line, i miss you so much still my monitor is not fix yet or need to save money to buy new one. taker care I love you

Miss you so much



Hi,l○○y How are you.im fine,I want to buy a monitor for you,but appearing does not yet have it to spare either.Please pray for lottery which I bought on your birthday being successful.


Hi c○○y,How are you,I am busy every day.Your feeling is very nice.You said without being eager without hurrying even if it was fearful to fall in love.You did your best so far.We still have time without being eager. Time is necessary for us.It takes money to e-mail from a mobile telephone, I am really anxious.Demo arigato kojikoji wa okane tamete davao ni ikimasu matteite kudasai.I LOVE YOU.