Hello there. I am from Manila, Philippines. I am legally separated and I have 2 kids. My 2 kids are not problem, I have my own place for them and my aunt is the one taking care of them. They are also financially secure. For myself, I also have my own place and my own work. Something is missing in my life A MAN To be with me , Well, for now maybe we can know each other by chatting . thanks and take care. I hope you can find time to chat with me.

子供はいません。Manila,Pangasinan,165 cm 50 Kg 髪の色:黒 目の色:茶色
職業はmodelling ?結婚相手を探しているそうです。


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j○○h: hello
j○○h: hw are u then thank u vry much ur call last night
kojikoji: sorry i'm delay too much
kojikoji: i'm fine
j○○h: its ok kojikoji then i understand a bout u
j○○h: then wat ru doing now u
kojikoji: im help my mother
j○○h: talaga? ano nman ang tinutulongan sa iyong mother kojikoji
kojikoji: ano?i dont understand
j○○h: really, wat ur help in ur mother
j○○h: u knw i really pround of u kojikoji coz ur a good person to me ask a friend
kojikoji: rice clearning only
j○○h: i love u friend i phe so u cme her in the phil then u did not tried
j○○h: i hpe so u cme her coz im vry excited to meet u
kojikoji: yes its so easy,but rice cleaning macine is not here
j○○h: really, then wer u clearning kojikoji so far in ur house.
kojikoji: yes,It goes by car.
j○○h: i hpe ru a good there coz i will cre u ask a friend
j○○h: really, then hws ur mother kojikoji
kojikoji: what about?ask me
kojikoji: my mother is fine
kojikoji: she works every day.
j○○h: thank good ur mother.........wat kind then ur a good person to mw and good person, honest and sencern
j○○h: u work vryday then i hpe so tke good cre ur self coz the body s good important the body
kojikoji: im everyday training every day.
j○○h: wow ur a great person kojikoji
kojikoji: push-up and sit-up
j○○h: wow nice excierces kojikoji
kojikoji: no use money diba
j○○h: yes, i knw coz that's a good health for ur body kojikoji
kojikoji: Because i want to be loss in weight
j○○h: really, hw nmy weight now then u knw u dont hve matter that weight kojikoji
j○○h: f love to each a girl
kojikoji: i write profile 98kg diba,but now 100kg,i want minus10kg
j○○h: wow, nice excierce kojikoji
kojikoji: your weight is 45kg,than 90kg is just half
j○○h: yes, then now im slim then adjust my weight now im 42kg.
kojikoji: i want more loss in my weight
j○○h: really, then i want to advice u to dont eat big and little bit eat kojikoji then always excierce ha.
kojikoji: my doctor was said same thing,i do my best
j○○h: wow. nice u kojikoji then i trust u vry much
kojikoji: i have to weight is decreased, and money is expanded.
j○○h: its ok, then i tell u money s always f u work evryday f not good work .
j○○h: u knw essy to get mney f vryday to work kojikoji
j○○h: i mean essy to get mnoey f veryday to wok kojikoji
kojikoji: It is insufficient for me,then i work side business
kojikoji: but just small money
j○○h: noh. i think good for u kojikoji then i really apprecite w u
j○○h: its ok for me then i trust u vry much kojikoji then i mean f good person
kojikoji: The current salary very limit. japanese is giri-giri
j○○h: really, then u knw in the phil salary her s small but its ok for me. then wat giri giri
kojikoji: giri-giri means is only remains a little.
j○○h: ah, then bye bye u coz im going to chucrh now. then tke good cre u always, i hpe u meet me then ur nice person to kojikoji then i believe u ang once agian tke cre always.
kojikoji: ok, mag ingat ka
kojikoji: bye bye
j○○h (712883): u also ingat rin
kojikoji: take care always
j○○h: bye bye
j○○h: i miss u kojikoji then im very happy u to meet. tke cre u

Hi There
How are you? You look good on your photo. I hope you don't mind if I say that im looking for serious love here..No games and no lies..I have been hurt emotionally but that didnt stop me from wanting to fall inlove and be loved..I have been living alone for 3 years now and I really want to be with someone...I hope you are interested..Hope to talk to you soon

Take Care! F○○h